Gardening club at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton enjoyed repotting our hanging baskets with beautiful colourful summer flowers this month.  A massive thank you to Willowbrook Garden Centre and Chelston Nurseries for kindly donating us some beautiful flowers and compost.  We sat out in the garden while the sun was out.  So good to get out in it.

We would also like to say thank you to Mary West for kindly donating us some vegetable plants.

Strawberry picking at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

Our homegrown strawberries are growing well.  Our residents enjoyed tasting them.  “Yummy, lovely and sweet” was the verdict!

Visiting the geese and wildlife

A few of our residents have enjoyed taking a few trips to our local pond.  We fed the geese and goslings some bread.  We also saw some mallard ducklings, large fish swimming around and a massive heron land on the bank.  An outing full of wildlife and enjoyed by all.  It was peaceful and tranquil.

Ball exercises at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

Within a group setting, we sat and enjoyed having fun with a beach ball.  Great for exercising for the arms and a great laugh too.  We gave it a good kick a few times as well, to spur on England!

Chaplain Francis visits The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

Francis comes every week from Wellsprings Chapel.  This month there has been fun with scrabble and making cards and windmills.  Francis and the residents always have a chat, washed down with a cup of tea.

Oomph On Demand – Activities Programme

Wow, what can we say, ‘Oomph on demand’ is an activity tool that we now have access to at The Firs.

There is a wide variety of activities to choose.  Our residents are enjoying it and gaining lots of mental and physical stimulation from it.

There are quizzes to activate the mind.  Oomph also has activity packs to learn from and even virtual tours.

The resource is full of interesting facts based on different subjects to be shared.  The topics have developed interaction between residents.  It has been so much fun.

Our residents enjoy doing the activities from printed off activity packs.  Residents have used the iPad for some of the activities either by themselves or along with Jo.  They are so engaging for our residents.

Our most recent oomph activity was an instrument quiz.  Jo asked the questions about each instrument along with playing the noise it makes, via Youtube.  It was a sensory therapy activity.  Also great for the memory too.

More info on Oomph on our website Golden Care

15,000ft tandem jump from staff at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

Our Manager Rebecca and our Senior Carer Claire will be taking part in a 15,000 ft tandem on the 27th July at noon with @skydive buzz in Honiton to raise money to buy our residents a touch screen activity table.  We aim to raise £2000

If you would like to donate, please contact on The Firs 01823 275927.  Alternatively, pop over and see us and sponsor the brave pair!

Here at The Firs, we would be grateful for any donations received.

Help us reach our target!

Birthdays at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

This month we celebrated birthdays for both Margaret and Hugh. A massive happy birthday to them.

New staff

The Firs give a warm welcome to Hannah and Ella to our team.  Both are day carers and are settling in.

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