The Queen’s Jubilee

This past month was absolutely packed with joyous jubilee celebrations. We had an amazing few days watching all of the parades on the big screen.  The home was decorated inside and out as residents got involved in colouring in their own flag bunting.

We had an enormous buffet tea after enjoying a performance from a young singer, which only added to all of the cheer. 

We also want to say a big congratulations to Marylin for winning the ‘just for fun’ sweepstakes cup and to Sam for somehow winning the ladies day race.

A Visit from some Furry Friends

We had a visit from Luna this month. It has been lovely to see that she is becoming more familiar with us. Luna visited everyone individually in their rooms as well as spending some quality time in the lounge. This meant that nobody missed out on receiving some puppy love. Luna even spent some time on Roz’s lap, which was thoroughly enjoyed by both of them.

We also welcomed a new therapy visitor, Stevie, a huge, gentle, gorgeous St Bernard. Everyone took turns to pet her. Glyn called her his ‘sweetheart’ and Brian could not stop smiling.

Thanks to our local community we also had a visit from Mattie the horse. This was for Maria who loves horses but we all went out to see him and everyone loved it. We took pictures to show residents who couldn’t quite make it outside. 

Ongoing Events

Our musical instrument session was fab! Brian was brilliant on the maracas, Ros and Mavis provided the singing and Dorothy tapped the tambourine like a pro. It may have been noisy but we definitely had fun! 

Our sunflowers are coming along so well, it’s a tight race between Paul and Nancy. Sam has kindly watered them and done the weeding under the strict supervision of Marilyn.

We have continued with our morning chair exercise session and have even increased it to 3 times a week. Sam says she’s aching all over… and that’s just the warm up! Maria and Dorothy are exceptional at the hand waves.

Some amazing portraits have been created during our arts and crafts sessions, and we have been learning a new hoopla game which can be played on the tables. Dorothy is very good at this, but everyone else might need a bit more practise. 

Birthday Celebrations

Finally we celebrated Dorothy’s birthday in style, with cake everywhere!

Dorothy’s birthday highlights were when she received a gift of a lovely personalised blanket to keep her cosy. It was great to see residents come into the lounge to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her.