Busy month at Llanyravon Court Nursing Home in Llanyravon

Llanyravon Court Nursing Home in Llanyravon saw many engaging and fun activities in June.  These included our popular pamper sessions, more on those in a bit.  We all went on a trip to the boating lake.  We have also been busy with our Oomph sessions.  This month also brought gorgeous flowers and hanging baskets to Llanyravon.  In addition, there has been lots of  1-1 activities, group activities, Video calls and visits.

Our main lounge had a make-over with a lick of paint and new flooring!   It looks wonderful.  We are so pleased with it.

Llanyravon Court Nursing Home in Llanyravon goes to the boating lake

At the start of June, we had a group outing to the boating lake. Both residents and lots of staff joined us.  We enjoyed this outing so much!

The boating lake outing was the first in a long time due to the Pandemic.  Many residents haven’t been able to get out and enjoy the fresh air.  It was wonderful to get out, just liked we used to and see a bit of the world.   Lots of the Llanyravon team came on this outing.  Therefore, we were able to take a much bigger group.  We all had such a lovely time.  Staff and residents that came along were:

Lisa Roache (Manager)

Courtney Clayton (Deputy Manager)

Erin Welton (Activities Coordinator)

Michelle Jones (Domestic)

Helen Wilding (Kitchen Assistant

Mark (1-1 carer)

Alana (Care Assistant)

Residents: Ruth Morgan, May Lock, Barbara Lewis, Jean Hodge, Howard Mills, Margaret Gough and Joyce McDonald.

Most Residents enjoyed an ice cream in the sun.  The weather was beautiful. Overall, the walk was lovely and very enjoyable.  We had some lovely chats, and we were in great company.  The gorgeous weather just topped it all off!

Once we had ventured out once, there was no stopping us!

Our trip out made everyone want to get out more and enjoy more of the sun.  So we took them for short walks to enjoy the scenery of the stream and field at the back of the boating lake.  Whilst admiring the scene we had some lovely 1-1 conversations. We will be planning another big outing very soon.

Pamper Sessions at Llanyravon Court Nursing Home in Llanyravon

Our Pamper sessions are very popular with the ladies. We make them an enjoyable experience with music and conversations.

The ladies love having different colours and talking amongst themselves about swapping colours.  They talk over what to have next time they have their nails done. Pamper sessions brings them together and builds even stronger friendships.

New staff at Llanyravon Court Nursing Home in Llanyravon

Welcome our new starters here at Llanyravon Court care home.  Joanna Ford, Shannon Lear, Abi Allman and Jordan Smith. Welcome to our team!

Residents Birthdays

Happy birthday to Sheila Bull and Sheila Mazdon.  Both ladies enjoyed their birthdays and opening presents.  The best bit was spending time with everyone.

Indoor and Outdoor visits and videocalls

This month we have had lots of indoor and outdoor visits to Llanyravon Court.  It has been heart-warming to watch, bringing families together again and bringing back normality.  Especially now that everyone can have more visits more frequently and are being able to take family members on walks which is much more private. Videocalls are also still a lovely thing to do with family and friends that live further away.

Activities at Llanyravon Court Nursing Home in Llanyravon

Activities this month have been a big hit! We enjoyed having origami lessons, drawing, music and singing with Erin, playing the ukulele and some group activities.  There were lots of 1-1 activities such as Noughts and crosses, Draughts and Bagatelle.  We have been using the website ‘Oomph’ which has many activities that you can do interactively.  The topic booklets they offer have a variety of activities on many different topics.

‘Oomph’ is such a great asset to Llanyravon as there is something on there for everyone. A couple of the favourites from this month were from the June activity booklet.  It had a variety of different activities to do, all with a June theme.  We all learnt something.  There are lots of important days in June! Who knew!

The Mad Hatter and other topics!

The Mad Hatter booklet was all about Alice in Wonderland.  It was so much fun and had many different activities and quizzes about the film and the book.  It also had a word scramble which lots enjoyed.

The Beatles Booklet had a music quiz.  It tested memories to the max! We also had a bit of a reminisce about old times.

The Chocoholics interactive quiz had a guess the chocolate section.  You had to guess the chocolate bar by a small picture of a part of the wrapper.  We all fancied a bit of chocolate after that game!

We also watched the Titanic Remembrance Day video.  The video explained all the different facts about the titanic.  The video featured lots about the film and behind the scenes information!

We also did the Car Logo quiz.   It was similar to the Chocolate game.  You had to guess the car from a small bit of the car logos.

All the activities were great fun.  The Oomph activities encourage interactions and were very engaging.

Brightening up the front garden at Llanyravon Court Nursing Home in Llanyravon

Our Lovely Administrator Vicky Welton planted all new plants in our front garden and hung beautiful hanging baskets all along the front of our home.  Such lovely colours at the front of our home.  Vicky has worked so hard.  We are very grateful and have had many compliments. Thank you, Vicky!

Summer Raffle

We are now planning our summer raffle and have had some wonderful donations already. We are pulling the Raffle on Friday 23rd July. Let us know if you would like a ticket!

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