Golden Jubilee Fun 

June was a fantastic month for us as we celebrated the Queens Jubilee. We welcomed families and friends back into the home to enjoy a lovely afternoon tea and the weather was amazing!

Staff and residents worked hard to make this day happen.

We didn’t just celebrate the Queen’s birthday, but we had our very own Queen for the day! Cath, our activity Co-ordinator also celebrated her 50th Birthday on the same day and decided she would spend the day with us.

Residents, families, and staff got to enjoy the biggest ice creams ever from the ice cream van.

Everyone enjoyed the entertainment with a dance and a sing song.

Residents had fun in preparing and decorating the home for such a fab occasion, from making fascinators for the ladies to painting and making centre pieces for the tables.

Ruby even got to meet the Queen and have her picture taken!

We had some great prizes for our raffle, so congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to everyone. We raised an amazing £274 for our resident funds.

Fathers Day

Our residents spent some time this month reminiscing and talking about our fathers and loved ones.

We wrote down messages and displayed them in the home for everyone to read.


Birthday Celebrations in June

This month we celebrated Sheila and Mollie’s birthdays.

We just want to say a big Happy Birthday to you both! We hope you enjoyed your presents.

Other Activities 

Marjorie and Cath have been working hard on this month’s puzzle and it has been great to chat and have a nice cup of tea whilst searching for the right puzzle pieces.

We also have crochet on the go this month. Cath and Jackie are learning themselves, so it will be exciting to see what they end up with!

What’s Happening Next?

Excitement is rising as ideas and plans that have been mentioned in discussion are now officially underway. 

One event in particular is our summer fete, a decision has finally been made on the theme and it was concluded by residents and staff that the theme will be Circus/funfair!

This topic has sparked a fantastic conversation about what it was like at the funfair §years ago compared to now.

We have a few other plans for a Mobile Bar and Salon corner, so watch this space!

We also want to mention that we have had multiple companion pets join us this month thanks to our local authority.

They have even kindly asked if we could give them a forever home, which we said yes to, of course!  You wouldn’t believe how much comfort and smiles they bring to everyone. Mollie’s face says it all!

Welcome New Recruits

We would like to give a very warm welcome to our most recent team members, Jack, Chloe and Clayton, we are so happy to have you.