What’s been happening at The Firs Residential Nursing Home in Taunton.

During February at The Firs Residential Nursing Home in Taunton we have been enjoying a wide variety of activities. We have been connecting with our loved ones via Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

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Valentines crafts

We started February prepping for valentines. Our residents enjoyed making some 3D rainbow heart cards to send off to their loved ones. The cards made with love, enjoyed by all who received one. Bringing smiles to their faces and warmth in their hearts.

Our residents also enjoyed cutting out coloured hearts. We then wrote out a little message on the heart and hanging them on our light up blossom tree situated in our main hall.


We have been overwhelmed with the amount of lovely postcards and letters received. The postcodes were of spring scenes are were sent from all over the uk and other care homes too. We have enjoyed reading them and discussing about spring, animals and poetry. Betty enjoyed writing back to a care home in Kent. Pam and Theresa enjoyed making some spring postcards during arts and crafts. Colouring in spring flowers to send off to those who have written to us.

Cookery class at The Firs Residential Nursing Home in Taunton

Our residents have enjoyed baking yummy chocolate cup cakes and a large mixed fruit cake. We decorated them with icing and sprinkles. Their baking efforts went down very well along with a hot drink of their choice during our 3.00pm tea round.

Manicures by Claire

One of our carers Claire has been giving our ladies a bit of a pamper. Claire has been giving them a lovely manicure and painting their nails. Having a pamper always makes you feel better.

Games club

We have had so much fun playing this months. Games include Jenga, snakes and ladders, bingo, skittle match, scrabble and a-z memory quizzes.

Tranquillity with fish The Firs Residential Nursing Home in Taunton

Our residents love to sit and watch the fish in our lounge. Des was fascinated watching them swim around the tank. Particularly, Des enjoyed looking at their colours with long fantails. He remembers having fish himself as pets in his past time.

Spring crafts

Eva, Pam, Theresa and Betty enjoyed colouring in some spring pictures. We also made postcards too.

Discussing spring in the garden

Ann enjoyed having a walk with Jo around the garden looking at all the spring flowers. Her favourite spring flowers are snowdrops. Ann enjoyed picking some daffodils and displayed them in a vase in the dining room.

Prepping for visits

Theresa helped jo prep for when we open our door back up to our friends and families. Together they have been making up some testing kits ready for each visitor on arrival.

Visits start from the 8th March Monday – Friday. Visits are half hour max.


10am, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

Our residents have a choice to nominate 1 regular visitor. Each visitor will need to arrive at least half an hour before their booked visit. They will be required to take a lateral flow test and fill out a questionnaire before entering the building.

Jo will help assist you on each visit and explain our rules and procedures in line with government guidelines. To book a visit please either call the home directly 01823 275927 or email jo – [email protected].

We can’t wait to see you back!

For more information on our amazing home check out our website at www.golden-care.co.uk