Queens Platinum Jubilee

Our residents along with Taunton School students enjoyed making bunting for our Jubilee tea party, flags were hung outside and pictures of the queen were displayed.

A small group enjoyed making crowns to wear on the day, making them look spectacular with glitter and colours of their choice.

Invitations were given out to all our residents along with a flag and a crown to wear. We had Bob Andrews join us who kindly played us all a great mixture of music which was enjoyed by all. We enjoyed nibbles, tipples and a yummy rhubarb and custard medley cake. Flags were waved around, and our ladies looked like royalty wearing their dazzling crowns.

Our residents have also enjoyed taking part in Oomph Wellbeing quizzes and activity packs about the royal family, interesting facts were shared. We reminisced about the Queen from our younger years.

World Ocean Day

We celebrated World Ocean Day by learning interesting facts, along with completing activity packs and quizzes from Oomph Wellbeing.

Judy Garland’s birthday

Judy Garland would have turned 100 years old this June; we did an activity pack which contained interesting facts about Judy Garland, along with some colouring and a quiz.

Song sheets were also printed off and together we listened to various songs, including ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ from ‘The Wizard of Oz’. We had fun singing along and reminiscing old times.

The Queens Official Birthday

Within a group, some of our residents enjoyed making birthday collage posters for the Queen, pictures were coloured in, and the Queens guards were glued on large cardboard along with the words “Happy Birthday”  displayed at the front entrance and lounge.

Gardening Club

A few of our residents enjoyed a whole week of gardening, which included pulling weeds, cutting grass, sorting hanging baskets, repotting pot plants and re-organising the front of house. We made a flower bed by putting new plants in the ground which were kindly donated by Jo.

Cider was enjoyed while we worked hard in the beautiful sun.

Royal Ascot Games

A group of residents enjoyed a horse racing game to celebrate royal ascot. Racing lanes were taped on the floor, each resident had a horse counter, a dice was thrown and it was a race to the finish line.

A big well done to Hazel who came first in the race.

Our residents also enjoyed doing an activity pack from oomph wellbeing based on the royal ascot.

Firs Chaplain Visit

A small group enjoyed sitting in the garden with our Chaplain Frances, they enjoyed a group discussion about past times. 

Pet Therapy with Colby

Pet therapy with Colby was great fun. Hazel enjoyed sharing the crust from her toast with Colby. Some of our residents enjoyed relaxing in the garden grooming him and giving him treats.

Before Colby went home Theresa enjoyed taking Colby for a short walk. 

Musical Memories with Bob

Our residents have been enjoying Bob’s music every other Wednesday.

Bob plays a wide variety of music and we are very glad to see him back. Thank you Bob for your willingness to entertain us with your fab music. 

Birthday Celebrations

We want to say Happy Birthday to three very special residents for the month of June. So Happy Birthday June, Hugh and Martin, we hope you had a spectacular day!

Upcoming Events

This month, in July , we have plans to celebrate National Ice Cream day, Nelson Mandela’s Birthday and National Cheese and Wine day. We will let you know how they went in next months newsletter.

Check out our facebook page @thefirsnursinghome for more updates.