Kicking off April at The Firs Care Home in Taunton

The Firs Care Home in Taunton started the month of April with some Easter baking. Our residents enjoyed baking some yummy cupcakes and decorating them with Easter decorations. Everyone enjoyed the delicious cakes.

Easter egg hunt in the garden

Staff and residents had so much fun hunting around our garden for some yummy chocolate eggs.
The naughty Easter bunny had hidden eggs amongst the bushes in the border, in the tree and the bird feeder. More eggs were on the lawn!
Afterwards the egg hunt, we played Easter Bingo and an egg ring toss game.

Trips out and about in Taunton

We are so pleased to be back to some normality here at The Firs. Jo has been taking a few of our residents out,
Tony went along to Bookers with Jo to help do a tuck shop run. Tony enjoyed using the handheld scanner and pushing the trolly. On the way home, they had a sneaky trip to costa.
After all their hard work, they enjoyed a hot drink in the car! On their return, Tony enjoyed helping Jo stock up the tuck shop shelves.
Theresa enjoyed a trip to costa also enjoying a cup of coffee. Betty and Tony enjoyed a trip to our local pond. They sat in the lovely sunshine and enjoyed a drink. Whilst there, they watched the ducks, fish and a goose swim in the pond.

Relaxing in the garden at The Firs Care Home in Taunton

Mary, Ann and Tony enjoyed sitting in the garden with a bowl of ice cream. We played I spy while Ann topped up the bird feeder. It was so lovely as we watched a robin come in to collect some food and have a bath in our birdbath.

A trip down memory lane

A group of our residents enjoyed our flashcard game of a trip down memory lane. This game is about various subjects. It is based on what they did or may have done in past times.
It is so heart-warming to go on a reminiscing journey with them.

Sewing at The Firs Care Home in Taunton

One of our residents had some old tops with a few holes in them. Theresa said she would love to try and mend it! So, out came the cotton and tread. Theresa had so much fun and did a brilliant job.
Well done, Theresa!

Frans 101st birthday – Wow, what a great age!

A few of our residents baked a cake. Barbara enjoyed decorating it. Tony made Fran a lovely card. A large group of residents and staff gathered in the lounge to sing happy birthday to Fran. Fran enjoyed a visit from her son to finish the day off to perfection.

Counting money

Tony has been enjoying counting money to bag up ready for when we do a tuck shop run. He thought some of the coins were shillings but soon remembered what today’s money is! His favourite bit was counting a pounds worth and putting them in piles ready to be bagged up.  Tony is a top helper!

Donations – Thank you!

A massive thank you goes out to Matt and Corrine foster at Quantock Funeral Services for kindly donating an Easter egg to each of our residents.
Thank you to Betty’s son and daughter Michael and Mary for treating our staff to a yummy box of Belgian biscuits!

New staff at The Firs Care Home in Taunton

We are so happy to welcome Tyler Shipway to our caring team. Tyler has a background of 4 years of care. Tyler is settling in well.
We would also like to welcome Amelia Pring to our care team. Amelia is also settling in well and has held care positions previously.

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