Pet therapy at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton.

Nursing Home in Taunton, The Firs was delighted when Jo bought in her dog.  Colby met each resident and bought joy to everyone. Doggy cuddles were enjoyed by all at The Firs.

The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton in part of the Golden Care Group.

Pet reminiscence via Oomph on-demand activities provider

We have been enjoying worksheets based on our past times with animals. Each resident who took part in the activity enjoyed talking about which pet they had. We spoke of the animals’ names, colours and our best memories of them. This activity was fun and allowed everyone to reminisce on happy pet memories. Some of our residents told some great pet tales!

Fun at the pond feeding the geese at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

Ann, Margaret, Mary and Theresa enjoyed taking a trip to our local pond to see and feed the geese.
They have become so tame that they all run up to us and take feed from our hands. It is so lovely!

Summer Themed Bunting

Pam, Barbara, George, Betty and Theresa made summer bunting. They coloured in ice creams designs and decorated the flags.  We used gorgeous summer colours, palm trees and sunflowers.
After this, we hung it on display at the front of the house for everyone to see and enjoy.

Donations of flowers from Asda

Massive thank you to Asda for kindly donating us bunches of flowers for our residents to enjoy flower arranging. Pam, Theresa and Barbara enjoyed arranging them into vases while singing and dancing to 60’s summer hits. Mary and George made a thank you card for the store manager.

Games club at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

Snakes and ladders, bingo, scrabble and the iPad quiz have been so much fun. All played with a variety of 60’s summer hits to sing along to at the same time!

Trip to our local shop

Hugh enjoyed taking a trip with Jo to our local co-op.  He chose to buy some wine gums and some crisps.  Naughty but nice!  Before heading back home,  they took a trip to the local park where they both sat and enjoyed watching dogs play ball and children skating on the skate ramps.

Stretching those legs at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

George and Theresa enjoyed a mini stroll up the road and back to exercise their legs. They spoke about all the beautiful flowers in the gardens and how their gardens used to look.

Litter picking

George enjoys litter picking once a week outside our home along the street. Well done to George! Thank you for helping our community and keeping our street’s clean.

Church services at The Firs Nursing Home in Taunton

We had a lovely visit from 2 local church services. Hymns and prayers were enjoyed and recognisable by all. We are very much looking forward to their next visit.

Visit from Francis, Our Chaplain

Chaplin Francis sat with a group of residents and embarked on a variety of activities. We have enjoyed one to one bible reading, arts and crafts, board games, and a general chit chat. We love having a lovely catch up with Francis.

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