As always there have been lots of events and visits over the last few months and we have plenty more to come!

To keep feet cosy, we had a pop-up shoe and slipper shop visit us. Our residents had a wide variety of footwear to choose from and Jon ‘the slipper man’ helped to size up their feet properly before a purchase was made. A few of our residents bought some new slippers and they were very happy
with their purchases!

We had a super music and cocktail afternoon with Marvin Muoneke, rat-pack singer extraordinaire and star of Britain’s Got Talent! Residents, staff and family members enjoyed a fun packed afternoon with lots of nibbles and cocktails – mixed up by our very own residents themselves! Beforehand, the lounge was decorated in the theme of a cocktail party with hanging pineapples and oranges and flowers, paper garlands and umbrella straws!

Following the music theme, we had a Hank Marvin tribute act who was fantastic and enjoyed by all. He sang and played the electric guitar and we ran some fun quizzes alongside every song he played. Our residents and family members had a fantastic time! Back in April, we had the joys of ringing some hand bells! The Kingston St Mary hand bell ringers came to spend the afternoon and played us some lovely tunes as well as giving the residents the joy of playing them too. Some of our residents used to bell ring back in their younger years so it bought back many good and cherished memories!

During the Easter period, we had a kind lady and her son visit us with some cute ducklings, chicks and a fully-grown hen! Our residents held, fed and watched the hen roam around the garden, with may reminiscing about the times they had their own hens and ducks and went collecting the eggs every day! We also joined up with students from Taunton School for our regular Crafts Club. We made Easter decorations and hampers for our raffle table.

We were also joined by Taunton School students for Red Nose Day where much fun was had with craft activities and we were joined by friends and family too!

We have had a variety of great trips out including having breakfast at Monkton Elm Garden Centre, followed by a lovely walk around, a rest for tea and cake and watching the ducks! We went to the local pond and saw all sorts of wildlife including geese feeding their goslings, fish and dragonflies. We also visited Vivary Park where ice creams were enjoyed and memories were shared around the bandstand.

Other enjoyable activities have included Flexercise in the sunshine, needlework and sewing, karaoke and gardening club where we have started potting flowers and plants ready for our Summer Fair! We will keep you posted in what is to come in the next few weeks!