May Update from Llanyravon Court Care Home in Cwmbran

Llanyravon Court Care Home in Cwmbran.  In May we completed lots of activities. These mainly involved new activities ideas resourced from Oomph: On-demand. The activities we enjoyed the most were ‘The Artistic’ and ‘The Birds’ booklet. This great new resource allowed all of our residents to get involved. Whether it be colouring, puzzles or fact reading, everyone joined in.

We have many musical residents here at Llanyravon Court Care home in Cwmbran. We conducted sessions that included singing, piano, ukulele playing and lots of hand clapping!

Outside trips

We are so pleased to be back to some kind of normality. Staff have been taking residents out for short walks to soak up the sunshine while it lasts. Our walks included pharmacy runs, walks to the doctors and walks in the local area. When the sun was out, we were outside!

Wild Flower Week 10th – 16th

Residents enjoyed wildflower week with our activities Co-ordinator, Erin. Sitting lovely in the vases were roses, gypsophila, carnations, lilies and a variety of leaves. The flowers looked and smelt gorgeous on our dining room table.

Birthdays at Llanyravon Court Care Home in Cwmbran

Happy 67th Birthday to Bill Paynes! It will be lovely to see bill reunited via video call with loved ones on his birthday while opening presents and cards. Bill thoroughly enjoyed his lemon drizzle birthday cake.


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Indoor visiting

We had updated guidance throughout the month. Family members are allowed into the home and can visit their loved ones. It felt good to do this after months of relying on video calls for contact. Towards the end of the month, the weather decided to brighten up. As a result of this, we could accommodate more outside visits.

New staff at Llanyravon Court Care Home in Cwmbran 

We are delighted to welcome Anita Christou to our care team as our Senior Care Assistant. Anita has a background of 4 years of care and has already gained great working relationships with all staff, residents and relatives.

We would also like to welcome Lauren Miller, Lee Collins, Elana Driscoll and Mandy Morgan and Louise Peploe to our caring team. They are all settling in well. The residents have taken an instant liking to each of them.  

Rebecca Dow also joined us in may within our domestics team. Rebecca is also proving to be a great addition to our team. Welcome, all!


As ever, the relatives of our residents have gifted both staff and residents an endless supply of biscuits, chocolates and sweets. We are very grateful for all the donations, whether they be big or small. A biscuit always goes down lovely with a nice cup of tea.

Glitz & Glamour 

Our carers have become hairdresser and nail techs throughout the year and still ensure all of our lovely ladies have lovely hair and the gents look clean-shaven and handsome. Each week residents are asking when it is their day to have their hair re-curled or cut. Thankfully, our trained hairdresser will be joining us again in the upcoming week.

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