What an ‘eggcellent’ Easter we have had here at Crick Care Home – our week consisted of lots of fun!

To start our Easter celebrations, we had an Egg Hunt around the lounge. Fifteen eggs were pinned to furniture within the lounge and each egg had a riddle on the back. This gave the next clue on where to find the next one, until all fifteen had been found. The group was very quick in coming up with the answers and lots of fun was had by all!

We then held a reminiscence session with the residents, discussing how Easter was celebrated when they were younger compared to how it is celebrated today. Times were very different, and it was fascinating to hear what everyone shared about times past. We then sat in a group in the lounge and completed several Easter or Egg themed quizzes. The residents become very competitive indeed!

Later through the week we spent time on a one-to-one basis with the residents making Easter bonnets. The ladies really enjoyed making these and were very keen to wear them once they were dry – one resident was still wearing hers a week later! Time was spent with some of the gents too; they weren’t too fond on decorating bonnets, so they got busy decorating eggs for our Easter hen masterpiece.  

Easter eggs were handed out to the residents once they had enjoyed their Sunday lunch on Easter Sunday. The ladies sat in the dining room showing off their bonnets and even tried on each other’s. There was lots of laughter and smiles at the dining table!

Our Easter weekend ended with a movie on our cinema screen in the lounge. The residents watched Fred Astaire and Judy Garland’s “Easter Parade” whilst enjoying even more chocolate with a lovely cup of tea!

We hope you all had a lovely Easter too!