February at Crick Nursing Home in Caldicot.

This month at Crick Nursing Home in Caldicot, we have celebrated love and kindness and what it means to us.
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Chinese New Year Celebrated at Crick Nursing Home in Caldicot

Chinese New Year was a wonderful celebration here at Crick. We finished the day with a local Chinese takeaway. While we had our delicious dinner we watched the celebrations of the festival on the big screen. From decorations to making to the fortune cookies, we had the best time. We focused on new beginnings and welcoming the year of the Ox. Residents were all keen to find out their Chinese animal. We have many sessions working on the different animals and their meaning. The amazing festival of light and fireworks were watched in ore. All while we tucked into some great dishes full of flavour.

Valentines Quiz

Our valentines quiz was a huge hit! We can announce that the winner was Margaret. The winner was especially pleased. Our winner said “It was great to use to my brain and learn new things I didn’t know, proving you are never too old to learn”.

Building Bridges Pen Pal scheme

We teamed up with the Monmouthshire ‘Building Bridges Pen Pal scheme’. This was set up to help in the fight against loneliness during these difficult times. Residents were paired with isolated people in the community. Communication were via letter, email and pictures. We have established the foundations for a exciting new pilot project. This will develop into something for all to enjoy in the future.

Vaccine News at Crick Nursing Home in Caldicot

Many of our staff received their 2nd vaccine at Cwmbran vaccine centre. Residents and the remaining staff are due to have their second vaccine very soon. We are happy to say we remain Covid free and in good health here at Crick.

Getting competitive at Crick Nursing Home in Caldicot

This months Wii fitness tournament was enjoyed by many of our residents.  Many staff were defeated, with residents out scoring them in the bowling challenge. Colin especially helped with this challenge and set some huge numbers to be beaten.

Looking forward to a new season

We look forward to celebrating many happy things to come,  to name a few ……
Resident birthdays
Our next Wii tournament
Easter celebration preparations
St Patricks day
Our 2nd Covid vaccines
Garden and pod visits returning
And most of all the sunshine and garden activities. Spring can’t get here soon enough!
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