Well, what another jam-packed month we have had full of fantastic activities where we have all had lots of fun and laughed a lot!

Valentine’s Poetry Club

Our residents enjoyed a group session of poetry – this month our poetry class was based on Valentines. During our session we reminisced past times with our loved ones and had a lovely time!

Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day itself, we had a party. In the morning we held a cookery class and our residents baked a cake and cup cakes for the party. In the afternoon we had a super Dean Martin tribute act and each resident was given a rose and chocolates. All our residents and their relatives who came along, really enjoyed themselves.

Memory games

Our residents love our memory games – it’s great for the brain and reminiscing past times.

Our residents took a trip down memory lane with our flash cards based on different subjects eg – school milk, playing in the river, best friends, Sunday school etc. We all sat in a group and discussed each subject.

In pairs our residents then enjoyed playing Match the Sayings and remembering where they had heard and said before. We always have lots of fun with this one!

Our last game was Royalty Flash Cards. Our residents are given a number of flash cards each and each has a member of the royal family on it. They then have to identify the royal and we talk about each one!

Spring flower arranging

Mary and Gloria enjoyed a session of spring flower arranging using freshly cut flowers and greenery from our garden including bright yellow daffodils, purple hellebores and ivy and fern. They really did brighten up our lounge and hall with their beautiful flower displays!

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