Creative Activities

We celebrated Halloween this year by having lots of fun and getting everyone involved in as many creative activities as possible. Leading up to the day, we held a few pumpkin carving and reminiscence sessions, where the residents scooped out all the pulp from the pumpkins and then used their creative imaginations to draw on faces or whatever design they had decided they wanted to draw. As this was going on, we spoke about childhood memories and how they all differently celebrated the tradition in past times.

Baking Days

Baking days were also had with Llanyravon Nursery who come over to the home every week to do organised activities with the residents. The children came over in their scary costumes – much to the residents’ delight. On this occasion, we decided to decorate delicious pumpkin biscuits which both the residents and the children thoroughly enjoyed!


On Halloween itself, we prepared fun activities for the residents’ to watch and get involved in. These included apple bobbing, where myself and a member of the activities team set up bowls in the lounge and had a little race to see who could retrieve the apples out of the water the fastest. The residents found this quite funny, and a lot had shared how they remember the game from past memories with their own children. We also attached small doughnuts to a string and asked the residents if they would like to try eating them – with no hands allowed, of course! Many were happy to watch the carers and activity staff participate, but one of our residents couldn’t wait to get stuck in and have a go at eating the doughnut from the dangling string.! Lots of giggles were had by all.