Birthdays and celebrations at Crick Care Home in Caldicot

This month at Crick Care Home in Caldicot we were able to celebrate the lovely Irene s birthday, even during these lock down times we were able to share this special day with her family via skype and ensure they were part of the day with us.

We also enjoyed celebrating a special wedding anniversary with our lovely Roma.  It was a lovely afternoon, enjoyed of cake and remanences of some lovely romantic memories.

Birthday cake at Crick Care Home in Caldicot Birthdays at Crick Care Home in Caldicot Birthdays at Crick Care Home in Caldicot

Crick Rocks!!

We have taken on rock painting, we are attempting to re-create some amazing designs we have found, using the Mandala stone design Irene has been working hard to create a design she picked for her lovely daughter’s birthday gift. It is an ongoing process and we can’t wait to see the final outcome of hers and others designs.

Crick Rocks!!

Keeping in contact with loved ones at Crick Care Home in Caldicot

As always, our family contact is a priority.   Here at Crick it shows you are never too old to learn!  Our amazing 105-year-old resident Joy enjoyed a great face time call with her son, daughter and entertaining grand puppies Chicco and Rueben. It was a morning a morning of lots of laughter and plenty of virtual kisses.

Staying Connected at Crick Care Home in Caldicot

In House theatre experience at Crick Care Home in Caldicot

We spent a lovely afternoon enjoying the big movie screen watching the celebration of classic MGM film musicals.  They featured performances at the Royal Albert hall from the BBC proms and the great John Wilson orchestra.  It was great to be able to sit and listen to stories of others experiences of residents previous visits to the Royal Albert hall.  It was truly wonderful to hear their amazing stories after the show.

Still enjoying gardens as they turn to Autumn at Crick Care Home in Caldicot

The gardens have been full of activity and we have been enjoying bird feeding and watching this month.  Our lovely Jim has been keeping count and we are seeing some great numbers of sparrows visiting us.

Next month is set to bring more fun and games and more smiles!  You can keep up with these on our website page or on facebook, so like us if you can!