Well, what a time it has been. Even though we have all been experiencing some changes this past month, here at Crick we have been enjoying living in our own little bubble and blocking out the worries of the world.

From sunny afternoons spent outside planting and gardening to reading and writing poetry to a good old sing song with the use of our new Amazon Echo, we have had a lovely time together. We have enjoyed new experiences using the latest technology to keep in contact with loved ones, as well as keeping in with the old faithful letter written with pen and paper and the help of the amazing postal service! We have been enjoying some virtual tours of landmarks around the globe watching and live zoo cams that bring some great animal viewing and even some fresh learning!

We have also been truly overwhelmed with community donations of treats and flowers that have brought smiles to all our residents and staff faces. Children from around the area have sent us some lovely pictures and we have enjoyed having them around the Home to brighten up our walls.

During this testing time, we want to extend our best wishes to you all and hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

Happy Easter everyone!