During February, we have been busy bees as usual where we have worked on our Friendship Scheme as well as creating ‘kindness cards’ to send to students at the local primary school. We have also branched out to another local care home and exchanged gifts and cards of kindness, which resulted in every resident in each home receiving a card on Valentine’s Day. In addition to a card, they also were gifted chocolate! The responses were amazing and brought pure joy to all. We also enjoyed a fantastic performance by the talented Chepstow Choir.

We then celebrated World Scout Day, followed by Australia Day and New Zealand Day, where we had some great group afternoons sharing tales and stories of past visits and travel.

We also received the amazing news that we have been successful in a grant application to Caldicot Town Council and have received £500 towards our 2020 Sensory Mission. This brings our running total up to £935.00 so far!

So, what next? March will see us focus on Hydration and Nutrition Week and we will bring an array of new refreshment ideas to our residents and family members.